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The saying "I am sunshine mixed a little hurricane" might be the best short version of me.  Though, in real life, you might not realize it. I am a creative, an overthinker, an introvert, and a whole LOT of extra. I love my life most of the time, my job, pink and green, Southern Culture and Classic Southern Style, shoes, clothes, good lipstick and I have a little thing for little cars that go fast. Oh, and I have to admit, I have found myself a sold out University of South Carolina Gamecock fan (conversions do happen!)

Oh, and I have learned not to settle - for anything.

I also struggle with depression and anxiety.  Yes, I am a Christian, and a Christian can be depressed. That is a battle I keep fighting. Sometimes I feel like I am a reluctant Christian and God knows that. He still loves me. 

I am passionate about living a beautiful (inside and out) life. 

I have studied Interior Design, have a degree in Business and work in a people intense/media junkie environment (which is really an interesting challenge for an introvert). My circle is small but my heart isn't. 

Yes, I am extra....but I am completely, totally in love with extra!

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. 
~Zig Ziglar

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  1. This really old thread(now 2022!)has awesome mom,no reason to be down.Godly too.Hope all turned out well for you and great family.2006 so long ago.


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