Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Who Knew?


Blogging, twice in a week!  WOAH!!!  Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket as this never seems to happen! 

So, what brings about a second post just days after the last?  Well, the foam shortage, that is what!  Did you know there was a foam shortage?  Apparently, I missed this little nugget of 20/21 items to be scarce.  I suppose I was too busy hoarding ketchup packets.

Last weekend my sweet husband and I went on an exploratory (as in, we don’t know exactly what we want) furniture shopping trip.  Everywhere we went when we asked about sofas and upholstered pieces we were told that we had the choice to buy off the floor or if we ordered, it would be at least 30 weeks before delivery.  30 WEEKS, at LEAST? 

Well, that kind of put a kink in our plans.  Who knew… a foam shortage?  What is next in all this world gone mad? I wish it were paper straws.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Happy Saturday!

It is amazing how a month goes by and I plan to get on a regular schedule of blogging but yet again... here we are.  It has been a full month of stretching (more stretching... ugh, I could stand a bit less!) growing, and learning.  St. Patrick's Day and Easter have come and gone and, like last year, they were a bit different but not as much as last year!  

My area of the world seems to be opening up bit by bit and it feels so nice.  Today my youngest son and I started our day out at our downtown farmer's market (when he was younger that was a Saturday morning tradition), then walked around downtown, had lunch in a restaurant, and then gelato from our new chocolate and gelato shop.  The temperature was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying spring... without a mask.  Ah, mask.... just as I got completely used to you.  I am actually still wearing it and most businesses and offices are still asking people to Mask Up even though I know other areas are not.  My husband and I have been fully vaccinated (he had Pfizer and I had Moderna) for several weeks now but I am trying to be cooperative and safe because I don't know if we really know what is coming next.  My Rotary Club has started back fully, the Symphony Guild will meet in person this month - though - with masks, Business After Hours is scheduled, and face-to-face meetings are happening!  We still put on a mask anytime someone new comes in the office.  This afternoon there was an outdoor concert in the local amphitheater to enjoy and a wine stroll at a nearby botanical garden. I think this is part of our new normal.  It isn't a political statement but rather respecting the unknown and the comfort level of others.   

One another note, March brought me some motivation to start minding my health more.  I am "at that age" where it seems people start talking about high blood pressure, cholesterol meds, Type II Diabetes, you name it!  Whatever it is I don't want it!  So, I actually had a physical, complete with blood work, just to get a baseline.  I told my Doctor if anything came back abnormal, I was not taking meds for it but he would have to tell me what to do to fix it.  As crazy as it sounds... I have been exercising regularly (if you know me, you know that is crazy) for several months, taking things like fish oil, drinking gallons (literally) of water, and overall eating as healthy as possible.  I have even given up my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper and caffeine!  Maybe it is vanity, maybe it is not wanting to get old, but I think it is just wanting to make sure I have the best quality of life for my family possible.  By the way, all my blood work came back clean and green!

 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31