Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Please click on the photo to get a clear view of the faces!
Happy Easter....well from about 7 or so years ago! LOL I love, love, love this photo...don't we all have those "wonderful" holiday memories? DS1 was finished with Easter, I do believe.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A rant, of sorts....

So, today after DD left to go shopping with her new beau and DS1 & DS2 were headed to Athens to see the Bulldogs play Tennessee (baseball!), I went out in search of something to wear tomorrow…tomorrow being Easter Sunday and all. Well, I looked and I looked and I found nothing! Nada!

My problem is there is this practical, budget part of me that really, really needed to find just the perfect Easter outfit that would also work in the office – and I didn’t want a pastel colored suit nor did I want a dress that was more suited to a 16 year old! I, honestly, saw things I liked but not enough to make the commitment. It was like speed dating in the dressing room…geez…BUT I didn’t come out with any prospects. I did see some super cute shorts and casual things that would be perfect for our beach trip….maybe my ADOSS (attention deficient…Oh, something shiny) kind of kicked in because I gave up and ended up picking up a couple of more things for the kiddos Easter baskets. Oh well, maybe no one will notice that I have worn my Easter dress before.

Easter art...

My sweet ds2 decided we needed some yard-art to let the world know that we are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. After much work he presented heart just melted.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Mail Day! Thank you, Vera Bradley

It was a very happy mail day, today! The latest issue of Vera Bradley Magazine came!!!

Photos of times past...

Do you have certain photos that when you see them, take you back to another time in your life more than others? This is one of those transporting photos...back to another time, another city, another season. I actually have a copy of this photo hanging by my computer and sometimes I just pause and stare at it. I look at the tiny details and remember that time. This photo is of my oldest DS and it is almost 10 years old. We lived in Columbus, Georgia in my most favorite of all the homes we have owned. Our backyard was a child's haven and we had this wonderful porch that led to all the fun. In this photo I see more than just my adorable oldest son...but I see the season of my DD with her purple jelly shoes and pink soccer ball to the left, I see the rose bush that was rotting when we bought the house but I (not painlessly) nursed back to health and trained to climb up the side of the porch, I see the table and chair set that DH bought me for my birthday the 1st year I was a Mommy, I see the bubbles that were part of our play time, the push car that I used to take DS1 for walks in. I am transported back to a sweet time...a time of a toddler in seersucker and sand.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Friend has finally started blogging....

One of my bestest buddies has finally started her own blog. A few of the many reasons we are friends:

she lives 2 minutes away,

we go the same church and share a deep, abiding faith in Christ,

our children share lots of activites,

her wicked sense of humor,

and, LAST but not not LEAST, she has a healthy respect for Retail Therapy as a high art form...oh, and she is braver than me....she and her DH are going to drive cross country with 4 kiddos in tow!

So, head on over and welcome her to BlogLand