Monday, August 25, 2008

Do you still have your High School Class Ring?

I do!

Today was a milestone day...I went with DD to order her High School Class ring. Yes...I am bit emotional about the reality of that one! Oh, I know this is just one of many moments leading up to that final day when someone [officially] says to my sweet little girl..."you are a grown up" -well, sort of, right?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am so ticked...

YES...ticked! I got swiped today in traffic and the swiper never even hit his brakes! Oh, and I was actually coming from a doctor's appointment because I have bronchitis and going to my drugstore to pick up RXs - yes...this was a fun afternoon.
I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I bought a new car a about 3 weeks ago. It is a cute little black Pontiac Vibe (which is the same car as the Toyota Matrix - made on the same production line and all - but a bit less expensive and has some cushier appointments which made me just liked it better). What drove this decision is my absolute irritation at gas prices these days and my total non-love relationship with the MOM van. If you have been a Southern Somedays reader for very long you may remember that I have a complete complex about the MOM van because, quite honestly, it made me feel [look] fat. I sold my Volvo a few weeks ago (at 225000+ miles on it) to my neighbor and I just wanted something that gets really good MPG and is fun to buzz around town after researching I chose a Vibe.
ANYWAY...some guy (idiot) in a BOHV (big, ole, honkin', vehicle) was turning left out of a parking lot in an imposible to turn left place at 5:00 in the afternoon and whipped out to cross 3 lanes of traffic and hit me in the turning lane. He took off like he assaulted ladies in little cars all the time and was proud of it. You know that was just plain bad manners...his mother must be so proud...oh, I swan.

I did march into the CVS (I don't use CVS - I was going to my little local pharmacy that has the super cute gift section....but I digress) from which he was trying to turn left out of and asked if they had cameras that covered that side of their parking lot (thinking I could get his tag # or something) but don't.
AND, I got a really annoying paper cut when I was opening the mail when I got home!
Oh, I know it isn't very Christian of me but I have harbored evil thoughts about him finding a nail or two this week because his tires are real expensive on that BOHV!

Monday, August 11, 2008

They are off....

Today is the 1st day of school.... We managed a smooth send off this morning but I feel sad. I think I have dreaded the 1st day of school this year almost more than any other. I don't really know why...maybe because school is starting back way too early (?), maybe because I feel like summer is just getting started (?), maybe because I am feeling the moments in this season of life running swiftly away...I just don't know. The morning was nice though, I got ready before the kiddos and cooked their breakfast and while they ate, I made lunches and listen to the three of them chitter-chatter about the day to come. It was somewhat of a sad Mommy Moment when I realized that DD would be driving herself to school because she has cheer practice after...that is the 1st time that I haven't taken her on the 1st DAY! I did see her in the parking lot, though and she just looked so grown up.

I came home after dropping the boys off and got some laundry on, walked the dog, weeded a bit in the bed out front and... prayed for my children...yes, I think that was the most important thing. This year I hope to be a better prayer warrior for them during the days when they are away at school.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


For several years I have intended to take my children to watch the Atlanta Falcons training camp. The Falcon's training facility is pretty close to our home and watching training camp is FREE, (free is always good!), but every year I seem to miss it; NOT this year!!! Luckily for me, my good friend ( ), mentioned at dinner Tuesday night, that she had taken her crew that day and they had a great time. So today I loaded up my 3, bright and early, and we headed to training camp!
We got there before practice started. Fortunately, it was below 90 degrees this morning.
My boys were just in heaven - though DD is a pretty big football fan, herself. Oh, and we got lots of freebies like minature footballs, lanyards, golf (???) towels, etc.
It was was bit cooler than it has been and there was a light breeze but these guys definately got a workout.
We received lots and lots of autographs afterwards as the players walked around the field spending time with their fans. As a parent, I really appreciate the time that these players spent visiting and just being all around good sports - it was so nice to see - especially after last years not so great Falcons publicity year!
It was fun and I just can't wait for football season to start!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It is hot...

It has been very hot down in Georgia the last few days! It was so hot I found this little guy just laying out (literally) in the shade, on a limb, in one of our backyard trees...I guess the AC must have been on the blink at his house.