Monday, August 11, 2008

They are off....

Today is the 1st day of school.... We managed a smooth send off this morning but I feel sad. I think I have dreaded the 1st day of school this year almost more than any other. I don't really know why...maybe because school is starting back way too early (?), maybe because I feel like summer is just getting started (?), maybe because I am feeling the moments in this season of life running swiftly away...I just don't know. The morning was nice though, I got ready before the kiddos and cooked their breakfast and while they ate, I made lunches and listen to the three of them chitter-chatter about the day to come. It was somewhat of a sad Mommy Moment when I realized that DD would be driving herself to school because she has cheer practice after...that is the 1st time that I haven't taken her on the 1st DAY! I did see her in the parking lot, though and she just looked so grown up.

I came home after dropping the boys off and got some laundry on, walked the dog, weeded a bit in the bed out front and... prayed for my children...yes, I think that was the most important thing. This year I hope to be a better prayer warrior for them during the days when they are away at school.


  1. Very sweet post. Times does fly quickly and yes, your school year has started a little early.

    I hope you're having a great 1st day of school at home.


  2. I hope your kids have a great school year!
    We started back last week and I was filled with mixed emotions. I see you guys are in uniforms. I wish we were. Life would be so much easier.
    Have a great week,

  3. Oh honey I feel your pain. We start in 2 weeks. This summer flew by. I love being with my kids. I also love your thought of being their prayer warrior. Sometimes time needs to stand still.

  4. I also cannot believe school has started. I hope this school year is wonderful for your family.

  5. Oh my word...yes...uniforms are great!!!!!!

  6. Your family is just beautiful and I can so relate to difficult "mommy moments". My girl left for college this morning!

    Your blog is beautiful and from one southern girl to another it is so nice to meet you. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. (i am trying to catch up!)

    Have a blessed week!

  7. Kids at my school start back on the 18th. Teachers went back on the 11th. That's the earliest that I've ever started school. In fact, I probably haven't been inside a school that early in August since high school sports practices!

  8. I hope they (and you!) are all off to a good start! They look so happy and confident in the picture. My little fellow starts first grade in less than two weeks, and it feels like we just started summer!

  9. I'll have that first day blues on the 25th when DD drives to school for the first time. We pick up her parking pass on Friday. I have the feeling I will drive by just to see her car in the parking lot or after school and park across the street and watch her leave since she will be heading to her first day of her first real job.

    Did you do the first day of school - afterschool party this year?

  10. Your kids are nicely spaced for college, huh?
    Sorry to hear about your new car. Sounds like my kind of luck. Well, a few years ago when I got my Pacifica, I swiped my own husband's truck pulling into the garage next to him. I had the car one week I think. I still have the scratch there & the car is almost paid off. I told DH I wasn't paying to fix it because knowing my luck someone would come along and swipe me just after I paid to have it repaired.

  11. You are such a great mom! What beautiful, happy children you have... all smiles on their first day of school!

    Now, don't you have a pedicure appointment to get to?!?!

  12. Oh! You're such a sweet mommy!
    You're so right, praying for them was the most important thing!!!
    I need to be a better prayer warrior in all areas of my life -- thank you for reminding me!


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