Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Where Have the Bloggers Gone?

Where are the blogs? Have they died? Are they lost to podcasts and Instagram? And, most importantly, where have the bloggers gone? You know, the people we used to keep up with just like neighbors; the friends made online that just made life a bit more bearable. Oh, I am guilty of dropping the blogging ball myself. I am sure I had a hand in losing track of the wonderful souls that became part of my life online and even some who became IRL friends (and still are). 

When my divorce happened several years ago, I stopped writing. The words literally dried up. Not only did I stop writing but I know I stopped interacting in blogland. My attention span was so short and shallow that I moved to less deep forms of mindless entertainment, such as Instagram and Pinterest. My emotional place only allowed for so much and since the words were gone, scrolling through pretty pictures became my “social media”, even though there was very little social involved. Just a click of a heart and scroll away. It wasn’t like leaving a comment on something someone wrote or responding to the same. 

Somehow, well actually because my ex-husband literally hated my blogging and used it against me in court, I did stop writing even when the words came back other than a post here and there, but I lost my connection to the blogging community. And…somewhere, it seems, it disappeared. 

I work in communications, and by all my research it says blogging is long from having the coffin closed on its existence and its viability. But, when I look at links of those blogs I used to love to read, most haven’t been updated in years...literally…years! So, either everyone has created a new blog or become addicted to Pinterest and the Tik Toc or it is just me? 

If anyone out there reads this, drop a word or two in the comment section and let me know your thoughts as I would like to revive my blog, it truly was the best therapy! Let me know where you are. Let’s catch up like old friends because, with the time that has passed, I am sure we could share for months without breaking a stride.


  1. I'm still here! Not as often (every couple months now, instead of every week) but I'm getting ready to post a ton, b/c I just came back from my first trip abroad in 20 YEARS!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're back and doing this. I am, too. I just lost myself for a few years, but writing, about whatever is on my mind, feels good. I don't do it to get numbers or get noticed, I just want to share things I've learned because I think that is very meaningful. So, go us for getting back into it, girl!!! xo

  3. Hi! Super random, but found your blog about a year ago when doing a backlink audit at my job. I guess you linked one of my clients sites on one of your blogs once, and I ended up scrolling through numerous years of your posts! Sometimes I check back in to see if there’s any new posts. I love reading your posts + I’m glad you haven’t been sucked into TikTok! All the best! - Zoey from NC


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