Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day! We celebrated in a "low key" way. DH and I spent a very late Saturday night (or maybe that was early Sunday morning) at a lovely wedding reception so we slept in [as much as you can in the house of the 2 boys of the rising sun] on Sunday morning. In the afternoon we took DS#1 to camp in the mountains. After dropping him off we came back south and stopped into Dreamland BBQ for dinner After that we went to Lowe's (it WAS Father's Day, ya know) to pick up the supplies for the redo of DS#1's room we are going to tackle -as a surprise- while he is away this week.

I hope DH had a good day. He seemed to enjoy his very 1st pair of Crocs* (the "off road" version) and the kids got a kick out of Dad liking their kind of shoes.

It sounds kind of contrived but my DH is an amazing Dad. He has more energy and drive than any one person I have ever met. He works hard and plays hard [though his "play" looks a lot like work to alot of us!] and loves us all fully. He is the kind of Dad I think all children should that loves God 1st and his family 2nd. He leads our children in Bible study and prays over us all. He will get down in the floor to play Legos or go outside and throw a for 12 hours and then come home and take dd to play tennis and then sit on the side of the bed to read, pray and tuck them in (and listen to what ever is on their minds) at the end of the day, or just hold a child - or Mommy - that is having a hard time. He is involved in our community in things he feels strongly will make our world, and mostly our children's lives, a better place and will further God's Kingdom. He makes me want to be a better parent because he leads by example. I am blessed.


  1. I think your DH probably enjoyed his day very much :)

    and I bought my MIL a container garden with some of those rare Double Begonias" in it :)

  2. Wow...what a wonderful tribute to your husband. He does sound like a wonderful Christian example of a father and husband, and we need more of them in this world!

  3. Belle-ah, what a sweet tribute to your man! Sounds like a wonderful day spent on Father's Day.

    Have a great week.


  4. What a lovely post, and loving tribute to your DH as a father and husband. I'm betting that he had just the type of day he was wanting. :)



  5. What a sweet tribute to your hubby. Sounds like you all had a good day.

  6. That is awesome that you can say what a great dad he is. You and your family are truly blessed!!

    :) Jess

  7. What a blessing your DH is :) I am blessed as well with mine, he's been around for 35 years (smile) God is good !


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