Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another magazine plug...

After I posted about my excitement concerning the return of Victoria Magazine I got a comment from Jessica over at She said she was interested in the magazine and I was just floored that she wasn’t familiar with it from its original publishing.

How can that be??? Doesn't she peruse Ebay for old copies???? Hasn't she threatened the members of her family not to touch her stack of old Victoria magazines because in the event of damage to a copy death or limb loss could occur???? Tell me????

I just loved that magazine and I know it developed an almost cult like following even after publication ceased. “Cult like” in the most elegant and sophisticated of ways, of course! The devoted following of Victoria kept at publishers and such; writing letters and making calls in the years since Victoria ceased publication. There are even online communities and Bulletin Boards dedicated to the lovers of Victoria. Thankfully, Hoffman Media (based out of Birmingham, AL), saw the market and took up the banner. That is why we are fortunate to be seeing a re-launch of this much beloved magazine.

Anyway, since apparently there are folks out there who have missed out on some of the wonderful magazines to which I am completely addicted (addicted in the most elegant and sophisticated of ways, of course!) I thought I would share about another of my favorites, Southern Lady. Yes, this is another of Hoffman Media’s fabulous publications - they also publish a lovely magazine called Tea Time and Cooking with Paula Deen. It is the closest thing to Victoria I was able to find after she went away. When I lived up north I couldn’t wait for my Southern Lady to arrive each month and after seeing my copies… I know several New York ladies who are now enthusiastic devotees as well. It is chock full of gorgeous photos and luscious recipes and always has terrific stories on traveling in the South, home d├ęcor, southern traditions (without this magazine how would I know to be planning a White Bible Ceremony for my children before their marriage????) and the wonderful people of the South. It even has a little bit of fashion thrown in for good measure! L-I-B!!! It captures the grace and spirit of my beloved Southland!

OK, you can do some magazine reading!


  1. You rock my dear! But can a Florida gal BE a "southern lady" now that is the question!!

    Hey you forgot to link to me, think of all the publicity I am missing out on in that post!


    :) Jess (thinking there anything I can offer to Belle-ah from Florida that she doesn't have?) LOL

  2. All of us Northern "southern girls" love these magazines!! I think by reading about all the tearooms down south we know what women have the LIFE!!!! Lori

  3. Thanks so much for stopping back by my blog! I am slowly reading your previous posts and I'm enjoying them tremendously! I saw a picture of your family at Christmas- quite a nice looking group!!
    And I just finshed "When Crickets Cry" and loved it!

  4. Oh what a lovely new header or whatever the tops of blogs are called. Lovely...

    'Miss Mari-Nanci'
    {who is also very protective of her old Victorias}

  5. I just found out about Southern Lady since moving to B'ham, although I haven't actually bought one, I've browsed them several times. And they are a delight!

    Southern Hospitality


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