Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blogger Commenting Problems...(solved)

UPDATE:  Thanks to some wonderful bloggers it seems I have resolved my commenting problem (outlined below) by simply unchecking the "remember me" box when signing into my Google account.  I just wish I had asked earlier!  THANK YOU for all the help!

Has anyone had problems over the last few months commenting on blogs?  I have repeatedly tried to figure out a solution to this problem but can't seem to figure it out.  Sometimes when leaving a comment I have to choose "Google Account" and then it asks to to sign in when I am already signed in and continues to do that over and over  and never lets me post the comment.  AND lately I have been running into this error message:
It is getting frustrated because I can't leave comments on so many of my favorite blogs.  I like leaving comments and thanking people for sharing their thoughts!!!!  Help!!!!

Anyone else??????


  1. I've had the problem and had to try to remember to go back and try again, cause 30 mins later it might be working.. I also tried to follow about 20 blogs and google connect wouldnt let me. it says Follow but no button to click so I could join.
    not sure how to resolve it as contacting google connet has proved fruitless for me.
    so sorry this is happening to you to. makes me feel like a bum when I type " your newest follower: in my comment and then the dang thing wont let me follow.. grrrrrrr

  2. I have found that if you uncheck "remember me" when you log in the error messages don't pop up anymore ...

  3. Same problem here! The only way I get it to work is if I *DON'T* have the "remember me" box checked at sign in. It's a pain to have to type my log in info more often, but it's the only way I can always comment. :-/

  4. Thank goodness this isn't happening to me but I have had problems with Blogger before and it iS frustrating! Don't click on the place where it says "stay signed in", that seems to mess EVERYONE up. Hope that helps??? Thanks for visiting me! I have never met anyone from Florence, SC. We drive through there ALOT on our way to Fl. from Pa. My husbands family lives in Fl. XO, Pinky

  5. This is why I've switched to Wordpress. I got so sick of Blogger!

  6. I started using Safari when I had those problems and haven't had any issues since. I am glad you figured out the cause of it.

  7. I've gotten that same message a few times. So, all I have to do is make sure you uncheck "remember me" when you log in? Simple...but doesn't make much sense that one little thing would cause error messages. Oh well...who knew? :)


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