Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, Ending in Prayer (Part 2)

I know in my heart that God himself breathed life into that child and that He was there in that very moment.  When my world was crumbling God knew.  He was in control.  At this point those wonderful men, called EMTs took over and we placed the care of our son into their very capable hands.  It took them 15 to 20 minutes to stabilize him in the ambulance.  Then we had an additional 45 minute drive to the hospital.  I don’t think time has ever stood quite so still.  The first part of this ordeal felt like it was flying by at the speed of light and then it halted and moved like a snail.  My DH (dear husband) road in the ambulance with my son.  My FIL (Father In-law) drove me, my older son, daughter and MIL (Mother in-law) to the hospital right behind the ambulance.  About 30 minutes into the trip my DH texted me and said, “He is responding.”  No more precious words were ever texted….until the next text, “He is responding well.”  I felt like I could breathe. 

During our ride to the hospital I prayed, held my oldest son who was just over wrought and I sent messages to friends begging them to please pray.  I know those prayers were heard because my little boy was alive and improving.  We were so blessed by so many people praying for us so quickly, all over the country as word spread that he was in trouble.  The family of Christ stepped up and raised us up in our time of need. 

As we exited the freeway to the hospital and stopped at a stop light, I saw some activity in the back of the ambulance as the EMTs raised my little guy up just enough so he could see us out the back window of the ambulance and I saw the greatest sight…his sweet hand waved to us.  God is so good…


  1. Prayers were certainly answered Michelle. Hopefully the doctors will have the cause for you soon

  2. So thankful to read this that your son was responding in the ambulance. Still thinking about you guys today, too.


  3. Crying, again, with that precious ambulance hand wave... ♥ ♥ ♥ Praise God!!!

  4. I am so glad your prayers were answered.

  5. Cannot even imagine what you went through. Please update us!

  6. I am so thankful that he is OK now! I was following Piper's tweets and holding my breath for y'all. Nothing like a BIG scare to remind us all of what is most important in life.

    Very happy 2012!

  7. Continuing in prayer with you dear friend.

  8. OMgoodness! What an answer to prayers! will keep you all in my prayers!

  9. Tears just welled up in my eyes (at part I) imagining the fear you all must have felt for your precious boy. Something so sudden and so mysterious. And then that little hand touching and amazing. Prayers were answered- God is good!

  10. Tearing up as I read this. I hope all is well in your world today sweet friend.



  11. THank God! For his mercy and healing. Your two posts took my breath away. I"m so glad things are better, and I hope you have answers soon. Big hugs to your baby boy. Much love...

  12. Michelle,
    I had tears in my eyes reading this.

    I am catching up after seeing your birthday post for your eldest son.

    What a terrifying day.

    Wishing you all well.



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