Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Lessons from Big Sis...

We are on the count down, here in the Southern Somedays house, to when we have to drive 3 hours away and leave DD at college.  To say that I am struggling with this transition and new season of life would probably be an understatement, but apparently one of the brothers is realizing that there are some major changes coming as well.  Suddenly, he has become interested in the kitchen, in particular, the baking of yummy, chocolaty BROWNIE goodness.  Generally speaking, DD was in charge of providing the  brownies.  It just was her thing.  Well, I guess her brother realized that he might need to know how to do this because the provider of the the brownies was leaving and he might need some brownies!
DD took time to lead him down his own path to yummy chocolaty BROWNIE goodness...
Memories made....
and his brownie future secured.


  1. Well, I would agree that where chocolate is concerned, one does what one NEEDS to do to keep the supply up! :D


  2. A boy can't be without his brownies! Judging from the size of that box, your kids must REALLY like brownies!!

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  4. I would have to agree with him I couldn't go without my chocolate either.
    What sweet memories for all of you.

  5. That is sweet. And, yes, the family can't be without brownies!!

    I understand your feelings of your daughter leaving for college. I moved my son 1.5 hours away to college last summer and you would have thought I was moving him across the country. It is a bittersweet feeling.

  6. that is so sweet! I know you are going to miss your DD!!!! Praying for you sister! :-)

  7. Here's hoping he bakes LOTS of them in the future! That was really cute, Piper passing on the tradition!!!

  8. OMgooodness I dread the day my kids go to college! They aren't even in kindergarten! LOL He looks like such a nice young man. Good job Mom!


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