Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ok, now I will start my Tuesday rant by saying, I am not a prude!  That being said, we (as in the entire family), were recently exposed - well, maybe "exposed" isn't the correct word here...oh, well, maybe it is  - to a little too much PDA (public display of affection)!  On Sunday we went to the beach for the afternoon and we went to the very same FAMILY oriented beach we always go to.  Seems like a safe bet, right?  Well, unfortunately there was a family just down the beach from us (next to us) that included 2 youngish (???maybe early 20s) couples.  This family did have young children with them, though I don't really know who the parents might have been because the  "Grandma" of the group was the only one who seemed to care whether they survived their beach experience (another post, of course).  Anyway, these two couples both laid in the edge of the surf a couple of feet from each other and spent the afternoon basically, as my kids said, making out...like for real making out! 

Yes, right out there for God and everyone to see!  It was really over the top.  I am not talking about even snuggling up close with an occasional kiss...I am talking "I am glad they had swimsuits on, otherwise Grandma would probably be on her way to having another grandchild!".  I guess I don't get out much, because I was just shocked.  We were in a really family type area (heck, they were with their family!) and generally we haven't seen such behavior there before. 

Now, my DH and I are pretty affectionate and we hold hands and walk arm in arm pretty much all the time and occasionally will kiss in public so I am - in general - not a freaker-outer about PDAs, but his was just over the top.  I felt like the church lady wondering how the what appeared to be parents of these two couples could tolerate it and where has a simple sense of propriety gone? Tsk! Tsk!  Honestly, if it were one of my children (even in their 20s) I would smack them "upside the head"!  

I eventually turned our beach chairs at an angle that I couldn't even see this family as I was afraid my eyes were going to bleed....it was just TMI! 


  1. I agree with you. That's just nauseating. xoxo

  2. That is just awful! I can't even imagine! Luckily, I've not seen anything like this. EW!

  3. I agree! A couple years ago I was out with friends for a girls night and the couple at a table behind us were making out. The calls for get a room didn't even seem to bother them. i was glad I had my back to them.


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