Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lets go to the Drive-In!

Have you ever been to the Drive-In? I mean, an honest to goodness, Drive-In movie? I have vague memories of going with my parents at some point as a child, but that is about it. So, last weekend, we decided that we needed to introduce our boys to this experience. Actually my DH hadn't ever been either! My DD had been with her friends so she got to play guide for this event.

We actually didn't stay in the car but brought our folding chairs so we could sit under the stars! It was truly like tailgating at the movies.  There was an RV full of folks and also one couple had some lovely Adirondack Chairs in the back of their pick-up truck to enjoy the movie in style!
Not only was the Drive-In fun, but it was quite the frugal adventure as well!  The tickets were $7 per adult and $4 per child and that was for a double feature (Shrek and Ironman)!  The large popcorn was only $3!!! 
Love THAT!
This was so much fun, my DH and I wondered why we hadn't been doing this on a regular basis!
Drive-Ins are a dying breed but fortunately there are some driven souls that have breathed new life into some of the old locations around the country.  Do you have one close by?  If so, why not take the family out to enjoy some might just become a habit!


  1. Where did ya'll go Michelle? I know there is one on the southside of ATL. I've never been to that one. But, definately went to the drive-in throughout my childhood. And, as a teenager we often went with a group of friends and set up chairs on the lawn. So much fun. And, I'm sure all the other patrons loved us as well. :)) I guess we weren't too bad. We were never asked to leave. :))

  2. There is one in Monetta, SC.


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