Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The NEW Babyland General....

Ok, children of the 80s (or those who had children in the 80s), does Babyland General mean anything to you? What about Cabbage Patch Kids? Yeah, I thought so. Actually, I never owned a CBK....yes, I was sadly neglected as a child (not really, I just never really liked them) but I have found a lot of fun in taking my own children to visit Babyland General in the past. Originally, BLG was located in downtown Cleveland, GA and was in an older building where you wound around and looked at different rooms with different themes, all filled with "kids". It was fun, and generally at some point during your tour, there was a "birth" in the cabbage patch that you could observe. In the last year, or so, BLG relocated to a much larger property, so my youngest DS and I decided to check it out yesterday.

The new, much bigger Babyland General.

DD2 posing for his ever, picture taking Mommy!
Wow, what an entry.  We did have to sign in with the "nurse" before we could go in.
Babies awaiting adoption.
Apparently, even the CPKs couldn't escape the Nascar allure.
I always wondered where the storke hung out.
My adorable DS2 in the cabbage patch under the tree where the babies are "born".
OK, I must admit...the cabbage patch actually creeps me out a bit.
Yep, we are done.  DS2 and I both decided that we actually liked the old Babyland General better as this one has taken out the smaller rooms and has everything in one cavernous area.  It now feels more like a store than it did before (yes, I know it was a store but I liked the feel of the original!).  Either way, we had fun and the best part of a visit to BLG is that it is FREE!   Babyland General


  1. I have to agree, that cabbage patch birthing area is a bit creepy.

  2. How fun!! Although you are right, the cabbage patch IS creepy!

  3. I went to the original one as a kid. I had both the original Xavier Roberts adoption dolls & CPK. Obsessed you could say. I remember that one of my dolls had a broken elbow & I actually got to watch her "surgery." I will agree that the cabbage patch would have probably scared the crap out of me! : )

  4. I always wanted to visit Babyland General as a kid of the 80s and I never got a chance. I still have my CPK dolls (though now I guess they are 'vintage') and am thinking of making a trip to the new site! thanks for sharing this!

    xoxox Kate a' la Southern Belle Simple

  5. Aw, I'm jealous! I LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids growing up! I had three that I put to bed every night on the couches in our living room :)blankets, pillows and everything. Luckily, my mom didn't mind!

  6. Erin and I finally found the new Babyland this afternoon, with Kaiden in tow. I expected there to be a sign on the old one with directions to its replacement. We, too, think it has lost some of its charm. I wonder how much he spent on that building; there must be a million bricks! Much $$ has been spent on plants and landscaping as well, but it almost looked 'weedy.' In other words, the plants were small, but there were soooooooo many. Did I ever tell you about the time that Xavier signed my rear-end?

  7. I LOOOOVED Babyland!!! We used to go there all the time when we were little!! Where is the new one???


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