Thursday, June 24, 2010

The little things...

Yes, yes, I should be unpacking boxes and organizing and all those fun things that come with moving but, hey, I get distracted!

Trust me when I say that in our new home there are many things to become distracted by. I believe that instead of a new house we have acquired a new project(s)!  We are really excited about the potential we see here, she has great bones and just needs some TLC.

Tiny Project #1!!!

As I was sorting through the Dining Room yesterday (which looks a whole lot like a Yard Sale at this point....argh!) I realized that those little curtains on the side of the front door had to go. They were just hiding too much light. I was pleasantly surprised to see some lovely leaded glass back there, and although the pink walls will be high on my next round of projects, I was pleased with what a little thing like opening up those windows made!


  1. So glad you all made it South Carolina safely! Unpacking is such a pain! Hang in there!

    I am looking forward to reading about more projects in the new home! The pool looks fantastic!

  2. I love to sit in my sunroom so I understand how a little light can make you feel. It makes you feel so good to start moving empty boxes out of the house once you move. The pink walls aren't so bad in the pictures- I just loved sitting in my daughter's pink nursery.

  3. Taking those curtains down really did make a big difference.

    I'm glad that you are now in your new home. You'll have lots to blog about with all of the "to dos" on your list.

  4. Isn't it amazing how a little change like that can make such a huge improvement?

  5. thos windows are to die for! leaded glass is just oh so southern indeed. i hope you are well and not getting too overwhelmed with everything! xoxo


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