Thursday, June 24, 2010

In South Carolina...finally!

We are here! Yes, the move actually happened and it went very smoothly. We have been moved professionally many times during our marriage, but we had the best moving crew/company this time. Dh's company uses Graebel Relo. and their movers were just wonderful. They were kind, considerate and just a joy to work with. Also, the home office was available all the time for any questions and concerns and really held my hand through the whole process.  Moving under any circumstances is stressful, so I appreciate all the help and assistance Graebel provide.

Of course, this is what I saw when that wonderful moving crew drove away...lots and lots of this.  Fortunately, we had an unpacking crew arrive the next morning to help make a dent in the lovely brown box heaven.  Although, a lot of people don't like to have the unpack help, I do because it causes most of those boxes and all that packing paper to go away much sooner!!!  Though we still have a ton to do, and much more unpacking and organizing, it is nice to at least be able to move around without getting lost in a maze of boxes.
What is this, you ask?  This is what my 3 children have done every day since we moved in.  Yep, they have been keeping cool and occupied in between organizing their rooms.  Maybe next week I can work in some pool time!!!!  I am not so sure I appreciate this grown up responsibility thing.

So now that we are moved, it is time for the projects to begin...keep watching!

NOTE:  No compensation was paid for this endorsement, only a happy customer sharing the good word!


  1. The kids look VERY content!!!

  2. so glad you are getting settled! Maybe you can get some pool time in soon! Can't wait to see the results of your "projects"!

  3. WELCOME TO SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!! I hope you love it here!!!

  4. A pool would be such fun to have. Think of the good times that your family is going to have out there. Good luck with getting settled into your new house.

  5. I can't wait to see pictures of the house!! I know you are going to make it so beautiful and charming!!


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