Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My love of Magazines and one I have fallen for....

Some of you may know my dirty little secret....I am a little bit of a devoted Southern Belle and a little bit of  magazine addict and if you can mix the two....well, I am just falling off the wagon and getting run over by it!  Just  the last few months I found this amazing gem and with a name like Shrimp, Collards & Grits, how can you not love it?  This is one of the magazines that truly showcases the wonderful stew that has been created by the old and the new South.  There is beauty in this place and a drive of artistry rivaled by no other region and I am so thrilled to find a publication just full of Southerness in all its glory!  Ok, now run on over to the bookstore and get your own copy because I know you want to and, though it is bad manners, I am not sharing mine!
Shrimp, Collards & Grits Magazine



  1. I have Pat's Shrimp, Collards and Grits Cookbook, the Ray Ellis edition. I actually use it as a coffee table book because it is just so lovely. I haven't seen the magazine yet but I'll definitely have to go look for it. I'm a paper mag girl too!

  2. I listened to your advice and picked it up. I still have not gotten to it in my stack but I am getting closer.


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