Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Mess GET REAL Challange

I know what experts we are at getting just the right photo to share on Social Media.  What lighting works best? What angle makes you look just so?  How to smile so you look "picture perfect?"  I know all the tricks....but this weekend, when I thought I had the perfect back drop, perfect outfit and perfect dog... the picture taking didn't turn out  quite like I wanted!   I was shooting for a glam and adorable shot of me with my sweet Miss Macy, sort of like this:
Really cute, huh? The reality is it probably took a gazillion shots to get this semi-decent one, that vaguely looks like the photo I had in my mind.  The rest pretty much looked like this:

So, leave a comment with a link to your Monday Mess GET REAL Challenge and share your less than "picture perfect" not Pinterest worthy photo shots so we can remember life is REAL....a real mess!


  1. Catching up – loving all the thankfulness & gorgeous Southern style on display!!!


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