Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bright Spots for Summer

I have always loved holidays and the changes of seasons.  It is fun to change a few things up in my home for each season or holiday just to make me (and hopefully my friends and family) smile just a little bit. This week I finally took my Patriotic Décor down, which I usually leave up from Memorial Day through the 4th.  Yes, I was very late I getting it down, but I still wanted to put up a pop or two of Summer and was surprised when I went shopping that all the stores have already been taken over by Fall and CHRISTMAS!!!  The one positive thing about this whole season surprise was that what I did find  was on sale big time ( as in 90%off!)

My unexpected joy was that I found was the piece I want to use in moving forward to create the look of "MY" house and I couldn't be happier  It will be my anchor piece! My decorating style has been evolving in the last few years, and as finances allowed, I have been able to make changes...small changes, but still moving towards my vision of what I want my home to look like and be a place where I can be replenished, revived and also be a place that is open and makes others feel the same.  So today, I am feeling the Summer heat and enjoying a few little pops of summer around the house!  What do you do to change your home up from time to time?

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