Thursday, August 17, 2017

It is August the South....

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Yes, it is hawt....not just hot....but hawt.  For those of you lost in this vernacular let me try to define it. Hawt is a temperature that reaches beyond what those outside of the warmer climates refer to as summer heat. Hawt is a heat that reaches inside your lungs to make the air feel 10 lbs heavier, all the while, squeezing you from the outside like a big, old sticky hug from the uncle you really never want to hug you. 

It is a level of heat and humidity that makes you contemplate whether getting the mail today is really a necessity and you pray a huge thanks over the geniuses that made central A/C a reality. My dogs even are opposed to these levels of heat as they have to practically be pushed out the door to do their business and return to the house acting as if they have run home from California.  Oh, and heavens if you decide to take them on a walk!  They look at you like you have lost your ever-loving-mind!  You can hear them thinking, "If you think you are going to hook me up to a leash and drag my furry tail all over the neighborhood...even if the temperature has dropped into the mid 90s, you obviously are new here....I will stay right here on this A/C vent, thank you very much."  And there they lay, until pretty much 10 or 11 PM when apparently they deem it acceptable to enter nature.

Now, I grew up in Georgia, with no Central A/C but I swear the minute I moved out my parents installed the ice-cap of central A/C units.  It was probably some kind of crazy 60's influenced parenting trick to make me tougher....well, all it made me was hawt (and somewhat suspicious of their parenting brother STILL lived at home at the time....coincidence?  I think not!)  I suppose the only good thing that came out of it is I did learn to how important setting spray was to keeping my make up in place and how you need just the right kind of hairspray to truly fight humidity.  It is easy to spot those who never learned those particular lessons (i.e. northerners who have just moved down south.) I will admit those are important skills to possess...but I wouldn't have minded a little A/C love growing up either. 

P.S. I am still not ready for Fall.

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