Sunday, September 7, 2008

What in the world???

Yes, I realize we have become quite the exhibitionist (and not in the least bit modest, apparently) society – thus the huge popularity of blogland, Face book, You Tube, etc. but I think the world has just gone a little too “let’s do it in public.” Why, you ask?

Well…let me tell you! A few weeks ago I went to Sams Club, and low and behold, there in the middle of main isle was a set up (complete with dentist styled chairs) for teeth whitening. Lovely….just lovely…now I can get my ultra huge box of rice crispy treats, industrial sized toilet paper and teeth whitened all at once…life is complete. Honestly, I didn’t think a whole lot about this other than to kind of peek around at the folks around me and wonder how many of them planned on perking up their smile at Sams and went on my merry way.

But, I did think about it a few days later when I showed up for my Retail Therapy appointment at the mall and there…just off the Food Court was another (larger) teeth whitening set up!!!!!!!!!! No, it wasn’t in a “shop” but right out there in the main concourse. Yes…this ranks up there with the tattoo stall at the flea Market. Is NOTHING sacred?

What in the world????? I mean, I love me some white teeth (and think most people could use some brightening up), but I don’t want to see folks having it done….yuck. I want to believe that the lovely white teeth/smiles I see are natural…yes; I like a little denial in life. I don’t need to know everything about folks. Are these the same people who climb in those “water massage” chambers (by the way….how sanitary is that anyway?) at the mall and then hop over to get their smile whitened? Jeez, people.

What is the world coming to?????? I really don’t mean to offend anyone with this little rant but this just kind of grosses me out. The next thing you will tell me is that I can get my bikini wax in the produce section of Wal-Mart…..oh no, they aren’t doing thatARE THEY?


  1. We have the "teeth whitening station" at our mall right in front of J.Crew. I think I will stick to teeth whitening in the privacy of my dentist's office or my own home (Crest White Strips!).

  2. I saw one at the outlet mall recently. I thought to myself "who would have their teeth whitened while at the mall??!!!" NOT me!

  3. Eeeew........
    a bikini wax in the produce section? Now you know you just gave somebody an idea!!! Well we all read it here, first, so you should get all the royalties!!!

    I'd love to have whiter teeth, but I tried those Crest strips and they "cooked" my gums -- both times I used them. Had to throw the whole box away!!! And at $45 a box, I was just sick about it!

    You know, you have to ask yourself who these people are plopping down in the middle of malls doing these things? No self-respecting Belle would, would we?!?! LOL!


  4. I feel the same way. So gross! I do not want to see people mouths all lit up and glowing in the middle of a mall! Hello! Bizarre!!!!

    I totally agree with you - somethings are better left done in private - not in the middle of the MALL!!! That's just gross!! How do you really know that those technicians are cleaning the stuff properly... EEEWWWW!!!

  6. Yes, that's just gross and more than we all need to see. There is no modesty anymore, that's for sure.

  7. Yep, I've seen that in the mall too. I'm thinking the same thing - do they really think people are just going along shopping in the mall, and decide "Oh, I think I'll have my teeth whitened in front of the general public."

  8. I've thought the same thing about those massage chairs in the middle of the mall. I'd love a massage, but NOT in the middle of the mall!

  9. I agree...just not the place for any personl care! Blessings, Nancy

  10. Well, I guess this fall under the heading of "I've seen it all, now!" My grandma use to say that. I've not seen this in our parts yet. I will for sure think of you if I do.

  11. That is scary! I agree with you that some things are best left private. And quite honestly, who would want to put themselves on display like that!? (I can probably answer that when I look around the community here and see what all is on display.)
    I can't blame you for how you feel.
    Have a great weekend,

  12. I tell you, I am beginning to realize that I just live in my own little bubble! Teeth whitening while on display? Yuck.

    I'm old enough to remember a time when people "put on their best" for errands and events in public. I really miss that.

    Thanks for the little note on my blog- I'll return soon.

  13. Hahhaha.... ew! Yeah that is totally gross.

  14. Not for me either...we have the teeth whitening thing and chair massages in one of our malls. The nail salon right by the checkouts in the Walmart aren't appealing to me either. Having said that each his own!

  15. I saw the same set-up at our local Sam's the other night. I can't imagine having that done in the middle of a giant store. I don't think that it will be profitable enough to last.


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