Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday's quote of the day...

"All of which is by the way of saying that hiking's bad and napkins shaped like swans are good."
--Celia Rivenbark in Belle Weather

now back to the front porch to read and laugh (and laugh) some more - all the while my neighbors are worried about me sitting alone on the porch laughing out loud (they won't say it but I see their nervous glances my way!)


  1. I just picked the book up yesterday. I think your post is a sign that I need to kick back on the sofa this afternoon and start to read it!! Yes, DEFINITELY a sign! LOL

  2. So, Belle...did you go ahead and read it? I finished it yesterday afternoon and, of course, laughed a lot but not as much as her previous books...mostly because the language was a bit more ugly in this book - unnecessarily so (JMHO).

  3. I've never read a Celia Rivenbark book but I sure enjoyed her columns for the Wilmington newspaper many moons ago. Do you have a particular one to recommend? I'll give a thumbs up to "Mama Makes Up Her Mind" by Bailey White (better than the second "Sleeping at the Starlight Motel"). Fun, quirky, southern humor- family style!

  4. She is one of our all-time favorites. (Is that word supposed to be hyphenated?!)

    At any rate, she's such a gifted writer who really nails *so* many things perfectly. I have to be careful when reading her because I have been known to just crack up with no regard for anyone within forty feet.


  5. This book looks terrific! I need to go get it ASAP!


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