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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Columbus, GA...

Have you ever had a week (or four) that just seemed to be way harder than they should have been??? Well, the last month or so has been really rough around here…not with life or death type situations but with those kinds of things that just wear you down and make you think about life or death (generally that of other people!) so I was really pleased with our little weekend trip and how relaxing it was.
We started off the weekend on Friday night in Auburn, AL at a [high school] football game. Our team had to travel far and wide for this game. After the game we headed to Columbus, GA. Many years ago we lived in Columbus and it still holds a fond place in our hearts. It is a beautiful city where in many ways life is just slower and simpler. We did drive by our old house (a couple of obsessive times, actually) and I am just so disappointed in what bad shape it is in. We literally spent much blood, sweat and tears over reworking, redoing, redecorating that house and yard when we owned it. Why, oh why, if the folks who bought it didn’t want the up keep and challenges that come with an older home didn’t they just buy a track home in a neighborhood on the north side????
One real treat that we experienced while in Columbus was a visit and tour at the new “Eagle & Phenix” (check out the photos of the lofts in the photos on the website).
These amazing lofts are being carved out of one of the historic mills overlooking the Chattahoochee River and Riverwalk . They were just amazing! Oh…it would be heaven living there and enjoying the downtown life and Riverwalk all the while having such a gorgeous, unique home. Hmmmm, wonder how quickly this house would sell…..

So, what did you do this weekend?


  1. Those condos are gorgeous...and the view. What a dreamy place to live! Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! :)

  3. So glad to hear you had some R&R! It sounds like a very fun weekend. I'm off to go look at those condos!

  4. What a fun weekend - love those lofts :)


  5. Sounds like a great family weekend. Hope you're having a great week.


  6. I'm still lickin' my wounds from that beatin' we took Saturday night, at the hands of those Alabama boys. It was just a good old fashioned tail whipping. But I still love my dawgs. Thats what my weekend consisted of.

  7. Hey, there! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Columbus, GA is a neat of my best friends lives there.
    Is that you in the cheerleading uniform? You're so cute! I loved cheerleading in high school.

  8. e.b. in Tenn, that would be my daughter in the cheer uniform. LOL

  9. LOL...your daughter looks a lot like you! Y'all look more like sisters than mother and daughter :)

  10. I live very close to Columbus and was there over the weeekend too! Lots of cute little shops!

  11. Columbus isn't too far from this Georgia Girl... we spent Saturday there too. Next time we'll have to lunch! That's what southern girls do... right? Glad to find your blog too!


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