Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cute Shoes and School Spirit...

Last Friday night was a home football game and the first home game this season that I had no “responsibilities” (i.e. selling tickets, concessions, etc….hey, I am good supportive Mommy!) so I knew I had to have a super cute outfit to go to the game in, since this was going to be socialization football at its finest. Now, you know what that means…some Retail Therapy!!!! Trust me; last week was a week that warranted Retail Therapy more than most!

I managed to visit TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross (which again confirmed my feelings that I just don’t like Ross and have never, ever found a thing in there…maybe it is just me?), DSW and 2 malls and picked up DS2 at school on time!!! Yes…I did.

Did I find a cute outfit? Well, yes to that as well. I got a really cool fitted, button down blouse at TJ’s that was royal blue (our main school color) and some cute black pants that were actually the perfect length at Mall #1…when you are often frustrated that even the “petites” are a bit too long you will understand this little thrill in life… but I got a bit anxious when I couldn’t find any really cute shoes for this particular outfit. Now, don’t get me wrong…I found cute shoes but not “the” cute shoes I was envisioning. I wanted something with a little more pop that just plain black, cute shoes. That is my problem…I actually envision what shoes I want before I find them and when/if I can’t find just the right look it drives me nuts.

Anyway, at Mall #2 I did happen to find CUTE SHOES with the perfect color royal blue plaid (oh spirity) to complete my Friday Night Football outfit!!! AND they were on deep, deep -like well under $20 - sale (yes, girls…this was a sign!).


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed yours as well and will make you a regular read. And...where did you get those shoes?!? I love them!

  2. Love the shoes! I, too, have a tendency to envision what i want to purchase prior to finding it! Can get quite frustrating!!
    Your outfit sounds perfect. We haven't entered the football scene quite yet, but I'm sure we will eventually....Thanks for stopping by! I am back after a brief (well, extended!) hiatus. Nice to see a familiar face :)

  3. Ever since I began reading your blog, I have found that your personality just bubbles over in your writing! Therefore, I feel confident in saying that these shoes are absolutely perfect for you! I love them!

  4. Yes! Cute cute shoes! I do the same thing, envision what it is that I'm looking for before I find it. I'm glad you had such good luck!

  5. Definitely the perfect shoe for the perfect outfit?

    Now who won the game??

  6. There is not doubt that you were the cutest one at the game! I enjoy following your blog... have a great day!

  7. I just bought those shoes for my daughter at JC Penny's. They are sooo cute on.


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