Saturday, December 2, 2006

Off to the ballet

Tonight, DD and DS#2 and I are off to see the annual production The Nutcracker . I am excited, DD is excited, DS#2 is excited He doesn't realize it is a ballet, he is just hiped up about the "soldiers fighting"...his words, not mine...he even told me that some of his little preschool classmates are going to the Nutcracker for girls and it is a ballet! I just looked innocent and said, "hmmmm". DH and DS#1 are spending the better part of the day at the Georgia Dome watching some football game. They left after DS#2's art class this morning and made a day of it with some "fan fest" before the game. They were excited and it is supposed to be an important game...who knows? Either way, I still haven't pointed out to DS#2 that DS#1 and Daddy are at a football game and that he will be attending the ballet with his sister and Mommy...denial isn't such a bad place!

This is actually the 1st time I have taken DS#2 to see The Nutcracker -- he is 5 -- and I am not sure why it has taken so long. Both DD (who danced in the Columbus (GA) Ballet's Nutcracker when she was little) and DS#1 have been, of course, but I have been remiss in introducing the little man to the experience. He loves The Nutcracker story and we read it frequently. I sometimes wonder why I let those kinds of things slip by with it because I am busier with 3 than when I had 1 or 2? Is it because we have less urgency because we have all "been there, done that"? I need to be better about not letting things slide for him. I have to admit, though, I had actually tried to get tickets to Black Bear Theater's production of White Christmas but it was all sold out! Maybe I do have a case of "been there, done that"! We did watch White Christmas on video last night, though.

I have finished Christmas Decorating and am ready to start my shopping. I am normally an overly prepared and ready kind of gal but this year I find myself NOT. DH and I are going out of town to celebrate our anniversary next weekend so I am feeling a bit of pressure to get this taken care of. I don't ever like to wait until the last minute...makes me tense!


  1. Have a wonderful time at the theater tonight! I will be anxious to hear how your little boy likes the experience...

  2. I love the score from the Nutcracker. What a fun way to introduce your son to the ballet!

  3. My husband has been glued to the Arkansas game on TV (the game that is going on at the Dome); we're from Arkansas.

    The ballet sounds wonderful! My oldest son went multiple times, but not all of my younger ones have seen it.

  4. There must be something in the water b/c I am usually overly prepared as well but this year I feel like I just can't get it together.

  5. We love the Nutcracker music at our house...I would love to soon take my girls to see the ballet. They're almost old enough now!
    (So far, they've only seen Barbie's version!)

    Hope your time at the theater was wonderful!

  6. I am so happy for you, getting to do those things!! I think there is nothing wrong with shaking things up, doing traditions differently or doing them differently with each of your children.

    Every child is unique, even within a family. Your Son might appreciate the Ballet more at 5 than your DD did at a younger age. My children are extremely different & they do not always do the same things at the same time. Or even at all ... :)

    I hope y'all had a great time at BOTH events!! And enjoy your anniversary!!

  7. You know, I've never taken my boys to see the Nutcracker. Or any ballet for that matter. They've been to the synphany, but that's it. Sorry for the misspelled words...been up since 4:30 with a shoulder outta wack.

    Hey, how'd you do on the test?


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