Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Tour Post 1 of 3

Welcome to my home at Christmas. I had planned to do BooMama's Christmas Tour but it fell on the same day that I was hosting DD's annual Christmas Sleep Over so rather than blogging I was preparing for a house full of teen age girl energy!

Won't you come in? I love to use live magnolia leaves along with twig garland and dried seed pods woven with lighted garland around my front door.

Another place I love to decorate is my mailbox. Again, I used live and artifical greenery to give some interesting texture.


  1. Your home is just beautiful, and you children are, too. Thank you so much for sharing. I love seeing your decorations and all that is special to you in your home.

  2. You are making me so homesick for Christmas in the south! Magnolias at Christmas, I do miss that. So pretty!

  3. Thats the prettiest garland ever 7 everything in your house is so beautiful, I especially like the pink & green tree!

  4. Your home is just lovely - I love the front doorway!


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