Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas from the South

I live in a wonderful little town in the South. Some would call it a small city, especially since it is now considered a 'burb of Atlanta, but I prefer to hold on to the idea that we are a little town in the South. There is a street of wonderful, old Southern homes and for about 3 years I have *said/intended* to do a photo essay on the historical area of my town...but, I still haven't managed to do it --- yet. I am blessed to live in the town that I live. We have natural beauty, wonderful architecture, lovely people and community pride. As I was driving home today I did snap a photo of one of the lovely old homes that was decked out for the holidays. Isn't she gorgeous?

FYI, you can click on the photo for a larger view!


  1. What a beautiful home! I love the big porch in the front.

  2. That home reminds me of Athens or Milldegeville. I grew up in the metro Atlanta area and when to a college in Rome and UGa in Athens, so you're giving me some wonderful nostalgia.

    Every time I go back to visit the Atlanta area, I'm always amazed at how huge it's becoming. Both my son and my husband's brother and familiy live in towns that used to be a little separate from the metro area, but now have been swallowed up. Of course, even when I lived there as a child, native Atlantans could hardly believe that the area where I lived was part of the metro area. It just keeps growing!

  3. I love those beautiful old homes, too. Before we moved last year, we lived in Covington. There are some really beautiful old homes there.

    Regarding your link about the Only Hearts Club dolls at Target: I bought this one for my daughter for Christmas!
    One of them is named "Lily Rose," which is my baby's name, so we think that's cute. :-)

  4. I love those old southern houses! We have a few in Kentucky I've seen, but I miss Georgia. Thanks for the shot, and Merry Christmas to you and yours this season!

  5. Beautiful! I would love to take a little tour of the south one day!
    The only time I was in the southern region was I went to visit my hubby before we were married while he went to A-school in the Navy in Tennessee.
    But (as you know from post 100) I did live in Va. for three years...lots of southern accents there! (Even though Georgians might not consider Virginia the true south, I'm guessing...?) ;) I guess it's really one of those "border" states. I would LOVE to visit Georgia one day!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Belle-ah! :D


  6. Wouldn't you just love to be a guest in that home? I can see us coming in with our arms full of presents, and shaking off cold coats, unwrapping scarves, going in to a fire in a nice big fireplace and having a cup of tea there. Then visiting and listening to music, then eating a fine dinner and opening gifts. Maybe end up with singing around a piano! Then back into coats and scarves and out into the night. Turn around and look back at the golden windows winking good-bye, until next year!


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