Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spaceship Earth

A few nights ago, dear husband (DH) and I had a wonderful visit with some friends, Joe & Brenda Rueffert and mutual friend Eino. For DH and I this was an evening of character. Joe and Eino are both blessed with an over abundance of personality so we were kept in stitches alternating with amazement at the conversation that flowed and the wild directions it went.

Joe and Brenda have been part of my life since early childhood and have known DH and I our entire time together which is over 20 years (yikes, is that possible?). Their daughter, Sonja, was one of my best friends through out life. She is the one girlfriend that I always managed to stay in contact with no matter where in the world we lived. We literally grew up together but manage to keep the ties of friendship bound. She was taken from this world 2 and half years ago and I still miss her. Her parents have remained great friends to us and I always feel like I am going out with Sonja when I am with them. I spent so much time in their home as a child and was influenced so much by them it is more like family.

Eino, is a sculptor and friend who we met through the Ruefferts. Before going out to dinner we stopped by Eino’s ( most recent project....His sculpture called, Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth is a mammoth project designed as a memorial to David Brower. It consists of 85 separate pieces of Brazilian blue quartzite woven together in an amazing feat of engineering. Each piece was cut on-site in Brazil, where Eino spent many months working and then shipped to the U.S. It is being installed on the Kennesaw State University campus in Kennesaw, GA. When completed it is estimated to weigh in at 350,000 lbs. Also included on Spaceship Earth with be a life size bronze figure of Brower. DH was instrumental in acquiring supplies/sponsorship for Spaceship Earth during his time with Saint Gobain Industries so he has watched this project from conception with great interest. We can’t wait until the official unveiling in September! Here is a link to information about Spaceship Earth’s installation, along with a link to a live web cam of the progress. It is very, very interesting.

DH checks out the David Brower bronze.
DH, Eino & Joe


  1. How amazing I am so pleased you posted such great photos on your blog and I just happened to drop in and got to see another wonderful moment in peoples history.

    Your friendship with your best friends mother and father is wonderful and shows age has nothing to do with the ability to have a great time and that the meaning of friendship goes beyond! anything else. Your dear friend would be so pleased I just know.

    I hope you post further pictures of the finished work and I look forward to a return visit to your blog.

    best wishes.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting me! The decal on our back window was purchased for us by our best friends.
    They have one that is the same except one side says "Our CA Grandkids" and the children on the other side are labeled "Our GA grandkids"
    Their daughter lives near Atlanta...

  3. I remember reading about this before, which was a result of blog "referral"...I find it fascinating!! How lucky you are to love and be loved by the Ruefferts...but I am not at all surprised that you are dear to them!! They are also very lucky folks, even though they have endured their own difficult trials. Bless you all. xxoo

  4. How amazing this sculpture is and is going to be when it is finished! Fantastic! I am unfamiliar with Eino...but he sure does Monumental work, to say the least.
    How wonderful that you are such great great friends with your dear best friends parents....A continuum of friendship---that is beautiful.
    Thanks so very much for your visit.

  5. Hey, thanks for coming by the blog! And also posting these awesome pics. We hold Kenesaw as a special place as we spent alot of dating time, (and our wedding night!) there. I'll have to go by and see this for myself.

    It's great to see your girlfriends parents, but I'm sure it helped them to see you as well.:)

  6. Great photos! Looks like a fun bunch. And what a picturesque sculpture that will be! I can just see all of those brazilian blue tiles shimmering in the sun. The students will surely be inspired. :)

    I've completely lost touch with my best friend from childhood. How great that you are still friends with your friend's parents. I like how you say that seeing them is like going out with Sonja. I'm thinking that perhaps they may feel the same way. which is so lovely.

  7. Hello! Thank you for coming by and visting me at my blog and leaving such kind comments...i do look forward to get to know you...this blogging world is really a wonder to me, as i've met the nicest women!! Enjoy your weekend and God's blessings to you and yours..

  8. I'm enjoying droppin' in and checking your writings...not only is the writing delightful and the photographs great, but I learn quite a bit, too...


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