Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Decorating, Redecorating, Decorating, Redecorating....

I have to preface this entry by saying my dear husband (DH) is a fantastic and amazingly patient man. He is also a superior painter...not by trade but by talent. He has patiently painted in all our homes (interior walls/trim) as I have desired without ever questioning my choices or complaining. I like to think that is because we have the same taste in decor. I also like to think he is a Saint!
We have been working/redecorating the house we currently own since we bought it 2-1/2 years ago. The family room has been painted and has new window treatments, light/fan fixtures, blinds, etc. Last spring I had some of my sofa cushion recovered. This week I have decided I don’t like the color on the walls. It just doesn’t pop, if you know what I mean. So, a couple of nights ago, at dinner (all homemade, including the bread!), I kind of sprung the idea of re-painting the family room. I expected him to turn me down flat but this amazing man just said, “OK, What color?” So, that is the million dollar question:
What color?


  1. know what to do when you need something now...just make an "all homemade"!!
    Paint color? Me no do paint color!!

  2. how about a darker color? I like green but considering the color of your carpets it won't work. What about something in the Cranberry/Rose/Burgundy family?

  3. The color of a pomegranete!! Or I can't tell if you need more of a terra cotta, but just deepen what you have....that's my humble opinion.....and it's FREE!

  4. wow, I was just thinking that the current color was really nice. But if you want to change it...hmmm...we just did our foyer in a pretty sage color, and I love it. The greens are really soothing and welcoming. Maybe something like that would work?
    And yes, what a wonderful hubby you have! :)

  5. I was thinking about your hubby today while I say "let's paint", he says, "what color?"--it doesn't happen at my house that way at all. You are a lucky lady, indeed!!!

  6. I can't see exactly what color those stripes are on the couch cushions (are they kind of a dark coral color?) but what about matching the paint to that color?

  7. I'm not a great decorator like you are, but I do love lots of color. Just pic a rich shade of yours and hubby's fave hue.

  8. I like terra cotta too, or cranberry -- but it is going to darken and cozy (close up) the room. As long as you're o.k. with that, it can be a striking and sophisticated look.

    How do I know with my oh-so-pale yellow walls? Because I've repainted so many colors and so many times in my 4 years here that we've lost square footage! lol. ;)

  9. I need to have your husband give mine a couple of lessons on how to treat a southern woman. I was raised in Stone Mountain but ended up marrying a Canadian. Now I live in Northern Ontario. He can tell I am mad when single syllable words come out as two, but he just thinks it's funny.

    Oh well. But I do so miss the huge magnolia tree in my parents front yard and the dogwood in the back. This morning it was a chilly 52 degrees here. I have been here 11 years now and I am just starting to get used to the farenheit temperature.
    Take care and enjoy the summer.


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