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Friday, July 7, 2006

Dreams change

The mountains of North Georgia are my past but still so much of my present. At times I have lived far away and in flat-land, and would long to see the mountains and the green that is only found there. It is probably no coincidence that my favorite color is green in all its many faces. The only place that I have lived that I didn’t find myself missing the North Georgia mountains was in Upstate NY, were the mountains are like a long lost twin to many areas in North Georgia (but with more snow!).

I always thought that I would have a house (really not more than a cottage) on the lake where I grew up someday, for at least a weekend place. I didn’t think I would ever live there full-time but would spend free times there with my children giving them experiences I had growing up. We would spend holidays close to family and friends. I now know that is not to be, and I have mourned my little dream in weeks of late. I even had a rough floor plan of the changes I would want to make to the house I thought we would inhabit to make it work for my family on our little holidays. I dreamed of the kinds of weekends I had seen others who vacationed there have...friends, family and just a merry holiday spirit. But, plans change and people don’t always do what was planned or what they say. You find new dreams.


  1. I know what you mean. My dream was a beach house in Sunset Beach...near Myrtle. I even talked with some real estate people there. (This was 10 years ago when I was single)
    I still think about it, but my new dream is to have a place big enough for all the kids to bring spouses and grandchildren someday.
    Awesome pic, Bell-ah!

  2. That is the view I saw every day, growing up, from my front yard. My grandfather built that lake in the late 40s. I am dealing with selfish bitterness on this issue and trying to work it out of my system!

  3. What a beautiful dream - someday, you just might still get it ... I hope you do.

  4. My dreams shifted dramaticaly with our move to Ohio...I had to give up being so close to my grandkids and the rest of my family...but in the long run it has all been for the best!

  5. You never know, my friend. Keep the dream, even though you have to work around the realities at present (whatever they are). {{hugs}}

  6. I love the N. Georgia mountains. As you know much of my family is up in Kennesaw, Woodstock, Marietta area, and since I was a kid I've been climbing Kennesaw mountain LOL. Now the real north Ga mountains are up at Hiawassee where my aunt and uncle have a weekend place. OMG it's BEAUTIFUL up there. I once attended a speech and debate tournament at Young Harris College up in Ellijay and never wanted to leave!!!

  7. Awww, don't give up on your dream. It might still happen! It is a beautiful area. I have spent a little time there.

  8. what a beautiful view. I've never been to Georgia, but this makes me want to go! I agree with the other posters: don't yet dismiss your dream; it still may materialize yet. Life is long (God willing) and change is always just around the corner. :)

  9. "Southern Somedays"

    I love the name of your site.

    I so want to steal it for the title of one of my posts.

    I left the south several years move to Europe. But still.....I feel so southern somedays.

    Ya know? :)

  10. They do indeed...our lives change and grow and head in different directions - it is only healthy if our dreams do too...


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