Thursday, December 29, 2016

I am going to the Chapel and I am going to....

Did you think I meant something else?😏
If you know me well, you know I  like to find out-of-the-way spots to explore.  I was taking a walk in Williamson Park this week and stumbled upon just one of those gems.  Williamson Park is a gem in itself that not many locals seem to realize is just around the corner, but I love to walk there.  On this particular walk though, I noticed something across the road from the park that I had somehow always missed. I am not really sure how I missed it, but right there, across the street was the above sign...covered in vines with a broken entry way that just called my name.
Who could resist???
 Although, sadly the Little Chapel is not structurally sound, I still got a peek inside and could see the indentions left from praying knees on the kneeling bench and the tiny pulpit.  Although, in sad condition, it was still had a little magic and was like being dropped into fairy land. 
 This little place is surrounded by Cypress Knees that I am sure are inhabited by the gnomes and fairies that make sparkle and day dreams!

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