Monday, December 5, 2016

A Little Christmas Spirit in the Mountains!

I just returned from a really wonderful weekend getaway.  Yes, it was in a “tourist” destination, which I generally avoid, but a dear friend and I planned this trip last summer for a nice time to steal away with our boys (our youngest are close in age and have a great time together.)  For the first time in my life – though I grew up not too far away – I visited Pigeon Forge, TN!  Indeed, it is filled with lots of touristy things and at night looks more like Myrtle Beach than a mountain town, but the cabin we rented was on top of a secluded mountain top and it was wonderful.  The cabin came complete with pool table (which the boys loved!) and a hot tub on the back deck overlooking the miles of undeveloped forest.  I highly recommend the rental agency if you want to plan a trip.  They were kind and accommodating and the cabin was clean as a whistle!  We used Heartland Cabin Rentals. This a picture of my oh, so cute bedroom, which looked over the tree tops and across the mountains:
The boys spent hours, and countless miles hiking the hills and mountains.  It was nice to see them being boys and thriving in the freedom of nature like I did as a child.  They spent time in the crisp, cool mountain air without Wi-Fi or cords attached and that makes my heart sing.  I got to catch up on some reading and just general down time without the pressure to do anything!
Sadly, this area was impacted earlier in the week by the raging forest fires and many, many families lost their homes, their businesses and their jobs; even more devastating was the loss of lives this community has endured.  The adjacent town of Gatlinburg really took a hit and at an especially busy tourist season. If you feel compelled to help out please do as the community can use all the help possible. You can donate to help the cause here:
On Saturday night we took in a Dinner Show at the Dixie Stampede, which turned out to be really cool because it was their Christmas show but if I ever do one of those type of Dinner Theater experiences again...I will bring my own silverware!  The food was good and the show fun and helped out in getting us in the Christmas spirit!

Although, I never thought I would say this…I will be coming back one day to spend more time in a cabin on a mountain top in Tennessee and a roller coaster coming off a mountain and Dollywood are at the top of my To Do lists!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  2. So happy you got that time with your son & BFF! I haven't been there, but I do remember going to the Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach once. :-D

  3. I am so happy you had a wonderful trip.


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