Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christmas Shopping, Tips and Deals!

You can get your own Black Friday T at Black Friday Ads
Can you believe we are only 68 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes and 20 seconds until Christmas (at the time of this the time of your reading the time is even less!!!)

This morning after I dropped my boys off at school it hit... the Christmas Shopping Bug!  All of the sudden I was ready to get myself in gear to GET IT DONE!  Actually, this year I may do some Black Friday shopping.  I haven't done that in years but I guess I am feeling dangerous and want to live life on the cutting edge this year.  I haven't committed to this plan yet, so don't hold me to it (I am a sucker for sleeping in so that very may well trump any aspiration I have to run with the big dogs of shopping.)

One of the best preps for Black Friday Shopping is the website: Black Friday Ads!  They have already been sharing ads from retailers (some of them leaked) showing the deals that are to be had. You can also learn about some pretty nifty need to know tips such as Best Buy planning to do some limited*  price-matching of online retailers this holiday season while also offering free shipping on items not available in stores. The new policy is said to go into effect starting Sunday, November 4.  Black Friday Ads is a free service and you can sign up for emails and then receive all those early ads delivered right to your inbox or you can just browse the site.   If you plan to be tackle shopping on the most dangerous day of the year...make sure you go prepared!

Do you have your shopping face ON?


  1. I love Black Friday shopping!!! Cannot wait.

  2. I love Black Friday shopping. But I do all of it online. Every. Single. Bit. my pj's.

  3. I worked in retail while going through college. I never go to Black Friday sales! I worked them and it was terrible....however, I do the cyber-shopping thing:)

  4. I am so glad I have already purchased a few items and plan to do some more next week.


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