Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas Question Number 1

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How many of you send Christmas cards?  I mean really send them to everyone? 

I have been a very faithful sender of Christmas cards but this year I am thinking very seriously about cutting back severely a bit.  Hopefully this isn't a sign of early onset bah humbug but I am not sure.  Last year, after having them printed and mailed I spent a small fortune (just ask my DH...he will tell you...) and I don't think they are really keeping us in touch with friends and family like I used to think they did.  So, dear readers, what are your thoughts on Christmas cards?  I really want to know!


  1. Michelle,

    I totally do Christmas cards! It is enjoyable to me to do them. Have you considered doing the photo cards from Costco or Sam's or doing a Christmas letter? These are both economical. I purchase mine usually with a coupon from Family Christian Bookstore for at least 50% off the box at the day after Thanksgiving sale. I'd love one ;)

  2. I usually send out 20-30 Christmas cards and try to put a personal note in at least half of them. I like the tradition of it, although I hate the postage costs!

    If you need to cut out people on your list, cut the younger ones off. I think most older people still enjoy getting holiday cards.

  3. I always send Christmas cards...have done for as long as I can remember. I usually start writing them and getting them organized around now - so when November comes they are ready and I'm not scrambling.

    I keep a list of who we send them to...highlight their names as we get them in return...and the following year only the highlighted names get a card. Names are added and dropped each year...much like relationships.

  4. I, too, always send out Christmas cards. I like doing it. I have a large extended family, so they all get one every year, even though the vast majority of them do not send cards. I also send them to friends that we stay in touch with. But, for people that we don't hear from during the year, I will still send a card, but then after a couple of years, if we hear nothing from them and they don't send a card, then I remove them from the list. Now that we have Eva, I really enjoy sending photo cards (or photos with a card). Since we live so far away from everyone I think it's important so that people won't still think of her as a baby when she's 15 LOL!

  5. I love sending mine but have really cut back because of the cost to those that are most important to me and send them to me.

  6. I used to send Christmas cards faithfully. The past few years, I've tried alternately one year yes, one year no. Didn't like that, so I do as others have noted and limit to those who also send. I like Karin's idea of keeping the older-age friends & family on the list because they are not as often electronically connected during the year. I also started sending photo cards about 4 years ago.

  7. One year I waited and when someone sent me one I sent one of ours. I now only send to family and those that send to me.

  8. I try my very best to send Christmas cards. When our girls were at home, we tried to do family photo cards. Most years were boxed cards. This year I am making my cards. I have 50 done so far. I will be going to a craft retreat next weekend and will make at least 50 more. Will I send that many? NO! But it gives me extras in case I need more or save some for next year.

    When my oldest started college she wanted to do her own. She combined her graduation list and my Christmas master list and whittled down to her own. She hand delivers many cards to sisters and friends at school. For her special friends, friends across the miles, and friends whose families she is very close too, as well as many that came from my list, she sends cards. I was impressed and hope she continues this.

    I have a spreadsheet with all the names and addresses including full zip code. On the spreadsheet, I also include a second name line for those still living at home. The best part is my "check-off" columns. Each column has a year. When I receive a card, I check off the person. If I don't receive a card for 2 years, I will put a mark in a separate to not send that year. If I don't get one after 3 years, they are removed from the master list. (I do keep them on a separate page so I have their information on hand in case I need it. After the check off columns, I do have a column for just last name. I love using my spread sheet. I keep it sorted by last name so I can update any changes. I sort by zipcode when addressing and sending. I usually don't hand write the addresses as I have trouble writing due to a medical condition so my addressing and signatures are printed off the computer. I think my recipients don't mind because it does take time to set up on the printer. I do choose different sentiments or specific cards for my recipients so thought definitely comes into play.

    I do send my cards out all at once. Unless I have some last minute ones that pop up.

    Sorry for the long post.

  9. We have always sent out b/t 80-130 Christmas cards. Every year, I think we'll cut back "severely"...but it's usually just by about 5-10. I *do* ONLY send them to those who also send to us, and I also feel like I need to keep it up when we move so often and always have a new address. Maybe if we stay in one place more than 2 Christmas card cycles, I'll skip a year?

  10. I love sending Christmas cards, but I make mine. I also write a Christmas letter & always include a current group photo of our grandchildren -- yes, I'm one of those! I did cut back several years ago & only send 20 - 25. I do not send them to neighbors or casual friends, only to family & close friends. I love getting them, too, especially those with a note or letter & photos.


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