Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Open Letter to Publix


Dear Publix,

I love you; but this long distance relationship we have is really breaking my heart.  I keep hearing rumors that you are going to actually settle down and move to my town so we can see each other on a regular know, truly share our lives.  So far, though, the rumors are just serving to torture me.

I am so ready to stop this quicky visit just isn't enough.  Not to mention, it is hard for me to sneak away from my regular life and drive an hour and half just to steal a few minutes with you.  It is time...lets make this into a real commitment.  I know my friends and family will accept you with open arms.  Actually, they are as desperate for you as I am.

Since moving to Florence, SC the only thing I regularly long for is you.  So please pack up the trucks and beat a quick path to where I20 and I95 intersect so that our love can continue to grow and flourish.  There are many memories yet to be made.

Nothing Compares to You


  1. The house brand frozen yogurt there is really good, but that's been the only thing that's really WOWed me at Publix. The Wednesday penny items are pretty cool and fun though, yesterday I got a bag of candy corn for a penny with my $10 purchase, can't beat that!

  2. Clemson is getting a Publix.....just started construction on it and it should open in Spring 2013....Harris Teeter in Florence has some of the best sushi I have ever eaten, though.....And the cupcake place is great, too.

  3. You have Harris Teeter. I don't feel sorry for you.

  4. I wish we could get one here too. All we have is Kroger & Wal-Mart

  5. We don't have Publix up north but I have been in a few while vacationing. They are wonderful! Thank you for leaving a comment about my entry over at Kim's blog. You asked about the noise level without carpet on the steps. Honestly, I haven't noticed a thing. kids are grown and gone so it's just my husband and me. If I had kids at home I would imagine that it would be noisy. I think you would get used to it though. You would probably have to "train" your family on going up and down the steps a little more gently!


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