Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hydrangeas and Where Have I Been?

I can't believe it has been over 2 weeks since I last updated!  Where is the time going???  As is our norm, when May arrives it seems my family kicks into over drive in the busyness department.  Between baseball, Spring football practices, end of the year school programs, The Taste of the Symphony (which I will share more about in another post!) and all the yard work that we find ourselves doing it seems to be our busiest time of the year...yes, even busier than November & December! 

So, for a quick post I wanted to show you my hydrangeas! 
They are putting on quite a show this year.
I am enjoying them in the yard and filling vases inside as well. 

Last week my Garden Club celebrated the end of our year with our Annual Garden Hat Luncheon.  As is tradition, we all create a hat or corsage using fresh flowers to wear.  This is a peek at mine (yes, it was quite difficult to take a photo of my hat, while wearing it by myself!!!)
I used peonies (my favorite!)


  1. I have a gigantic one in the yard, and then 4 in pots that will be going in the yard at the end of the season.

  2. Love the flowers in your yard (I guess it wasn't too hard to find ones for the hat, huh?).

    You're so right about May being such a busy month! Even though I'm done with school and college, it's been busy for us between Clay's graduation and job hunt and me coaching track. It's not looking like it will let up anytime soon, either! But, when it's exciting, fun stuff it's really not so bad to be busy.

  3. Oh so beautiful ...I love hydrangeas...we are having a good spring for them in Oklahoma! Yours are gorgeous! Love your hat too!
    Miss Bloomers

    And May is definitely our busiest, too!!!

  5. I love your hydrangeas!!! They look so beautiful. I planted one last summer and I'm still waiting for it to bud. It's grown quite a bit in the past 5 weeks so I'm crossing my fingers for one litle bud this next month. However, my magnolia trees are in full bloom. enjoying the clippings around the house.

  6. how I LOVE Hydrangias! Unfortunatly they don't grow well out here in the Mojave Desert! Please stop by and say hello @


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