Sunday, May 13, 2012

17 Weeks Seizure Free and a Ketogenic Diet!

Last week we had a check up with DS2's neurologist at MUSC.  It has been 17 weeks since he has had a seizure and he is doing great.  We have been treating his seizure disorder with the Modified Atkins version of the Ketogenic Diet.  Yes, there is a diet that has worked wonders for many children with Epilepsy! 

With the guidance of his Neurologist, we chose not to medicate but to try the Ketogenic Diet and so far we are seeing wonderful results.  I haven't mentioned our treatment plan in detail before as I wanted us to have a few months to get into the groove with it and see what the results were.   He has been seizure free for 17 weeks and his headaches have practically gone away (he does occasionally headaches still but they have been treatable with over the counter Ibuprofen and he hasn't had to leave school because of them.)

The Atkins version of the Ketogenic Diet isn't as rigorous or as difficult to manage as the pure Keto. Diet but it is still a challenge as we have him at around 15 carbs per day (YES...per day.)  The biggest changes for us are that we no longer eat fast food out for the most part and have to plan for all his meals and snacks ahead of time.  I sometimes feel like my entire day is spent planning what/when he will eat.  He is tolerating the diet well (with only a few complaints of "I just want a piece of bread!") and we haven't had any negative side effects thus far.  I realize if his seizure control changes we will have to revisit the treatment plan but for now I am so happy that it seems to be working.  His Neurologist was practically giddy at the appointment and how well DS2 is doing.  All blood work looks good and things are progressing better than I could have imagined. 

I know things can change unexpectedly and we will deal with them if they do.  I am so thankful for this treatment plan and how it has helped my little guy.

DS2 is doing great in school, playing baseball and life is as it should be for a 10 year old boy!


  1. So happy for you that this is working. It's got to be better than medication. I know what you mean about spending all your time planning what will be eaten. As you know, I've been following WW for awhile now. I keep telling myself that at some point it will become routine and I won't think so much about it. And, in some ways it has. And the other times I just tell myself that this is the way it has to be if I want to feel good. I do know it's worth the effort. DS2 is so fortunate to have your support with this issue. I hope it will continue to work.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that diet is helping this problem. I can only imagine how much time you are spending meal planning. A healthy son is worth it and you couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day present, could you?

  3. This post made me smile so big :). I was thinking about this the other day when I saw you tweet, and I'm glad he's doing better. I'm also glad you could do it by changing his diet instead of having to try him on tons of medications and stuff. I've read that a lot of people feel much better when they cut out carbs, anyway, so I'm sure it's good for someone who has experienced health issues. Wishing him great success in baseball too :).

  4. AMEN! and Happy Mother's Day! I am forwarding your post to a friend of mine whose son is having seizures.

  5. That is such wonderful news! I am tickled pink that y'all have found such a wonderful plan for your son. Happy Mother's Day!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  6. Congratulations on YOUR committment to making this work! Yeah, he has to eat it, but w/o you, it would never happen! Way to go, Mama!!!

  7. So glad to hear this is working!

  8. Fantastic news Michelle, hopefully the diet will be his path rather than meds. I'll keep him in my prayers.


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