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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't be an OMG (Old Mean Girl)

Mean girls…are you one?  You know what I am talking about if you have ever traversed the rivers of the middle & high school season of life.  I like to believe that most mean girls mature out of that phase of life and develop sensitivity towards others and just stop being mean…but as I was reminded of recently it doesn’t always happen that way.  Unfortunately, some mean girls don’t stay in Middle or High School; sometimes they graduate and develop into UBER mean girls or as I like to call them Old Mean Girls (OMGs.)    I found myself super frustrated at some friends recently when I saw their OMGs  come roaring  to life, and I just didn't see it coming.   It wasn’t directed at me but it broke my heart to see otherwise lovely ladies stoop to this level.  Now I am rethinking a friendship or two.  I am sure I had my moments of being a mean girl at some point or another as a young person, and I have also been on the receiving end of my fair share of mean girlness, but somewhere along the line I walked away from that pettiness, meanness and just total waste of time (several decades ago as a matter of fact).  I don’t want to rear children who are like that and I know I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to tear others to shreds with my words or actions, just because I can.  Life is too precious, people too special, and friends too rare.  Why, do this? 
Don’t be an OMG!
You are now returned to your regularly scheduled program while I climb down off my soapbox!


  1. Seriously, there is one church in town where the women are just a bunch of mean girls. Thankfully not mine, but there is one Sunday School class in ours that could trend that of my friends calls them The Bold and the Beautiful. Kinda funny. But not.

  2. OMGs = perfectly put! Life is too short & precious to be so awful!

  3. I agree completely. It seems even worse to me when you have an "old mean girl" in your family!
    Yes...I definitely have one...

  4. Dear Happy Southern Girl,

    I tried to reply directly back to you but you have no email link and you are brand new profile as of today I will just reply here:

    You are so right! Our OMG has gotten crispier as she has aged and no amount of reaching out to her and trying to make her part of things has helped. She has done some horrid things, but no one has ever confronted her or acted differently towards her. We kind of all just chalk it up to her being that way. It is sad and she seems to perceive ill will where there is none much like a self centered, moody 13 year old. Sadly, she is isolated and I am sure lonely but none of us know how to bridge the gap. I wish she felt happier in general so the negativity didn't eek out! Best of luck to you!

  5. while I understand your post completely and agree about not liking the OMG girls , I do have to say I prefer them to the soft spoken, sweetly smiling back stabbers. At least with the OMG girls you can learn who to avoid. The others are super sneaky and will swear, even when faced with evidence " ohhhhhh, I would never have done or said such a thing" so again to be clear in my comment- I dislike and stay away from the OMG girls but I disply the SSS's much more .. sss sneaky smilie sisters:)

  6. You are so right Michelle. What a waste of energy. Life is too short. But I do love the OMG.

  7. It is truly sad to see women act like that after high school. I have done my best to get those who don't want to grow up out of my life.

  8. Wow, you are so right. There were quite a few of those OMGs in my high school, and no I was not one of them. My 45th high school reunion (yes, I'm that old) is coming up in July, & I'm not sure I even care about going. I know quite a few of them have changed for the better, but some had not as of the 30th. I don't have time in my life for any of that nonsense.

  9. Those are good points, I certainly agree. In my old age, lol, it seems that women either seem to be focused on harming others for their own "gain" or just trying to fit in or actually wanting to build up and support others. It's been a help to me to understand that it is a choice they are making and not them just having a bad day or something.


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