Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY Car Care Tip: Headlight Clearing!

I know you have all seen those headlight clearing kits or even seen advertisements to have it done at local auto shops but I decided to try out a DIY trick I had seen on Pinterest (of course!)  My headlights were pretty fogged over and I thought I was stuck with it or would have to shell out some major bucks to get them shiny and clear again but with NO bucks (my favorite!) and a few minutes I was pleasantly surprised at how well this technique worked. 

Here is a before shot:

Here is what I used, I just brushed my lights
with the toothpaste and rinsed off: are the after shots:

Pretty cool, huh? 


  1. Wow- that's so cool! I am so trying that tomorrow!!


  2. Glad you had good luck. Mine needs the same treatment.

  3. wow.. I'm heading outside to give it a try..

  4. That is awesome! My sister needs that bad. Can't wait to tell her she can get her kids to "brush the lights" of her jeep and they'll be cleared up.
    Lulu and Daisy

  5. Very cool indeed! Love me some Pinterest!

  6. This is very cool! I read your comment about football practice scheduling. I miss it when the kids were younger. We could actually sleep late during the summer! lol

  7. Wow! Let me grab Jay's (hubby's) toothbrush and I'll be right back.

  8. That's amazing! I just love it when something is so simple but truly effective.

    Thanks, Michelle, for stopping by my post "I Am So Truly Spoiled." The Man is one of those who would very much prefer to give than receive. I count my blessings for this man in my life every single day!

  9. WOW! I need to try that too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Holy cow! I'm totally impressed. I desperately need to try this on my car. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I love Pineterest soooooo much!


  11. AWESome! on my to do list, thank you for sharing...Make it a GREAT Day!

  12. That IS cool! Great solution!

    Thanks for your comment on the blog, sweets ... I'm basically vowing to do SOMETHING summery everyday during these months .. it seems like every year it gets to be Independence Day and I feel as if summer is half over and I haven't even started to do summery things yet ... this year will be different! Just followed your blog too! ;) Are you on instagram? If you are, I'm @sandy_m_of_oohlafroufrou and I'd follow you back there too.

    Have a great week!

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou


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