Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fancy Pie Fascination...

My youngest son, DS2, has become fascinated with what he has labeled "fancy pies".  Apparently over the last few weeks, he began noticing lattice topped pies - everywhere.  Of course, he asked me if I knew how to make these pies.  The answer would be no.   When his sister came home for the weekend, he went into her room early on Saturday morning and asked if she had ever had any of these mysterious "fancy pies".  Anytime we have seen a photo of a "fancy pie" (there are many with the plethora of magazines sporting fall inspired covers currently on the newsstands!) he asks why my pies don't look like that.

It is enough to cause a little Mommy-Insecurity here! 

But, I am not a complete failure in his eyes... this afternoon we stopped at the bakery on the way home from school and I let him pick out a "fancy pie" for dessert.  He picked "fancy pie blueberry".


  1. I'd like a piece of that fancy pie. It sure does look good!

  2. Well, whether you can make a fancy pie, or not...you do what you have to to give him the experience of having fancy pie...you BUY it! Enjoy it; you're a sweet mama! and Paula's right...it looks yummyyyy!!!


  3. to funny! at least he got a fancy pie.

  4. This story is adorable.. it's funny how kids get something in their head and it becomes a full blown obsession, but in a good way! I'm sure the pie was delicious as well :)

  5. i do admit the fancier ones are visually appealing, but he'll probably learn in time that taste trumps appearance anyday! such a sweet boy you have raised! love this so much! hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  6. Tell him that the best cooks are men! Then stand back!!!! Let him have a try at making one...it would be a great experience.You can buy the crusts and pie filling! Very easy...He is too cute wanting a fancy pie! I am so glad you enjoyed a fancy pie!


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