Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being a local tourist...

Do you ever play local tourist?  You know, stop into the little spots in your area that others might seek out if they were there on a visit?  We have moved often, and the one thing we have repeatedly regretted is not taking advantage of our "local" points of interest.  It seems whether your grew up in an area, or are in the throws of getting settled somewhere new, it is very easy to overlook some great experiences just around the corner.  Last Saturday, DS2 and I decided to be tourist in our own town and went to the War Between the States Museum.  Granted, it is a little museum on a tiny little street,  but for an 8 year old that loves all things military it was wonderful! 
I think it especially fun to explore with him because he doesn't
have a set of expectations  (you know those we seem to
develop as we have more life experience)
and everything is an adventure and pretty exciting!
We knew it was going to be a fun visit when
we saw the joggling board on the front porch.
The museum is filled with all kinds of interesting
artifacts dating to the time of the War Between the States.
There were many cases of items that had been found in excavation around what was formerly the Florence Stockade
The burial of prisoners from the Stockade began what is now the
We also were able to see a  miniature replica of the  Stockade 
 and learn about the conditions that prisoners of war had to endure.
It was really a fun little adventure, which was educational and very economical.   DS2 had a great time and came away feeling a little more connected to the past and also to our present!  We are definitely going to be spending more time as local tourists and taking advantage of all the great things our town offers.

So, why don't you become a tourist in your town?


  1. awww how cute! I adore museums. I always try and look up little local museums whenever I visit anywhere.

    I gave your daughter a blog award. I do hope she keeps on blogging :)

  2. What a neat experience for you and your son! I just love learning about American History too. It's amazing what fun adventures one can find in your own town!

  3. My husband loves to read, learn, and visit anything Civil War related. He would have loved to have seen this museum. Very cool. This summer we played tourist in Houston. We went to three museums and are planning on hitting the zoo when things cool off. August has been hot, hotter, and humid (blah). I feel like I've been in hibernation under the AC. :) Can't wait to get outdoors again.


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