Thursday, August 26, 2010

ESAB and American Chopper

There is major excitement and hub-bub around my house today about - of all things - motorcycles.  My DS1 is into mechanic type things and for a long while has really liked American Chopper on TLC. Now, though, he feels a personal attachment because tonight is the night when the ESAB bike will make it's TV debut.    ESAB announced its partnership with Orange County Choppers earlier this summer.  See the bike details here: ESAB Chopper

You can read all about it here:  ESAB announces partnership with Orange County Choppers.   

So, y'all tune in tonight to TLC at 9:00!


  1. Exciting! I always wondered what company employed your dh. We used to watch OCC, but haven't in a while. I'll have to tune in to that show.

  2. I watch American Coppers All The Time. I Think Its The Best Show. I Hope That Dad And Sons Can Get Thur This Stuff Times And Get Back Together . Family Is Very Important ..Family Should Stick It Out. Family Is All We Have...


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