Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please pray for Haiti...

I don't talk much about current events here on Southern Somedays, but the massive earthquake that has devastated Haiti has touched the heart of our family. My DD spent time in Haiti last Summer as part of a group working with New Missions so there has been much concern here for those dear, sweet people she worked with. The group DD went with spent a lot of time working and teaching VBS to children at the New Mission School and also doing rice feedings (which can feed a family for up to 2 months) and medical missions. If you have a moment please pray for all the citizens of Haiti and also for the relief workers that are hard at work. If you feel led to give or want to volunteer, New Missions can show you how:


  1. She looks just like you! Beautiful.

    Sad, very sad, so thankful we live a different life.

    No water I have heard. Scary!

  2. It's such a sad situation. We will be keeping the people of Haiti in our daily prayers.


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