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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me and My Boys...

I meant to share this photo yesterday; it is a shot taken of me with my boys on our porch before leaving for the wedding. I am so blessed an I am trying to treasure each of these simple moments. It seems I sometimes forget how wonder filled just today is!


  1. What a beautiful picture!! You look gorgeous and your boys are darling!!

  2. You look great! What handsome sons! You have a very beautiful family.

  3. What a sweet picture. Your boys are so handsome. And their mama is hot!

  4. Ok, back with one more comment. Look at this photo of you and the boys, and compare to the circa 1988 wedding photo. Has there been any aging? I think NOT! You look just as young, if not younger now, than you did in your wedding photo. Whats your secret girlie??


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