Friday, July 3, 2009

Gardening Update...

I haven't really mentioned much about my deck garden this year, so I thought it was time for an update! This year I have done non-hybrid tomatoes, which is a first for me. The down (or up) side is that apparently they grow much taller than the hybrids I have done in the past so I have tomato plants that are taller than me!
Oh, and since I have about 12 plants we have tomatoes at all stages of ripening.
Another 1st for me is doing zucchini on the deck. The verdict is still out on how well this experiment is going but the zucchini has provided a lovely visual accent!
Gorgeous zucchini bloom!
Some of my ripe tomatoes; man, I love summer!


  1. Any unwanted critters {not your kitty} on your deck getting after your veggies?? I would love a tutorial on what you purchase, when you plant, etc. Looks so yummy!!

  2. Your tomatoes look good! It's great that you have enough space on your deck to grow things. I've had one very early tomato and that's it. We've been at the beach and I'll have to go check the garden today to see if anything will be ready soon.

  3. It's all beautiful and especially your ripe tomatoes. Your cat looks exactly like one of mine!

  4. So you can grow them in pots eh? DH and I are going to do a garden and I am worried it will not take....How easy is it to grow them in pots? And how do you keep skwirls out?


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