Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IF I only had a spare $399...

Well, that would probably actually need to be $798, because you know I would need 2 of these fantastic artificial pumpkins! If you are in the market for some you can find them at Grandin Road, http://www.grandinroad.com/jump.jsp?sort=-1&itemID=10933&itemType=PRODUCT&AS=1&keyword=pumpkin, along with tons of other very cool things.
On to less costly but equally fun items...this is a photo of my new checkbook cover and key ring. Last weekend was the "big" festival day around here and I found both of these in a booth for less than $10. I picked up one of the lady's cards and now I can't find it (argh!). Aren't they cute? The checkbook cover set me back all of $5 and the key ring a whopping $4. I really love the keyring because it is big enough to slip over my wrist which makes this "Mommy with generally too many things to carry" very happy.


  1. They're all so cute! You know, I really miss bazaars and festivals and such - we had the best ones back in Texas but now I don't know where to find them in NYC! Hmmmmmm :)

  2. The key ring is great because my purse is generally a black hole and I can never find them. I need to see if I can find on like that!

    We have the Junior League's Mistletoe Market this weekend, so there are always treasures to be found.

    (coming out of lurkdom)

  3. Love your new goodies! They had items like that at the Christmas Made in the South in Augusta this past weekend ~ was planning on getting the key ring and forgot to go back to the booth before leaving.
    Hope you are having a great week.
    PS That pumpkin is HUGE!

  4. Sorry honey, but I just left you a new award....it is a brand new one...the Christmas Spirit Award!!

    Love you!

  5. Love the checkbook cover and keyring!


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