Saturday, October 20, 2007


16….16….16…. She is 16 today. Yesterday, as I drove around doing final errands for her Sweet 16 Party, and last night as I arranged flowers for the same, I kept tearing up. I was not sad but more overwhelmed by the blessings that have come from my first born. She is my spirit, an unexplainable connection and blessing flows from her into my heart. Ok, I am tearing up again…I should probably just cry and get it over with.

16 years ago, my world opened wide through the eyes of one of God’s most amazing creations. When she entered this world…I was changed. God used this tiny, precious creation to show me His glory, grace and mercy in a way that I did not know before. With every breath she took, God drew me nearer to Him and showed me just what a His love for me really was; the love of a Father, the love of a parent.

I was so immature and self centered 16 years ago. God so knew me and my limitations…He placed a baby that was textbook in care, healthy and easy. He knew I would not have done well with anything else at that point in my life. He knew me…He knew her…He blessed me by allowing me to share His creation. He used a babe to temper my heart and soul. He created a longing for Him that was stronger than I had known before. With the birth of my sweet daughter, I wanted to be a better person. I needed to know God more. Motherhood matured me and continues to temper me every single day.

16 years ago brought about unexpected changes in my heart as a wife, as well. I saw the man I married in such a different light and fell in love with him so deeply. I remember feeling awed by the depth of that love. I had heard all the stories of how a newborn can impact a marriage and very little of it was positive. That wasn’t what I felt. The months after our daughter came into this world were some of the most precious times in my life…all was right with the world. Through God’s great providence my husband and I were allowed such a blessing. Having a child strengthened my commitment to my marriage and my husband.

So, 16 years later, I sit here and marvel at what a wonderful young lady she is becoming. I pray for her daily, that God will continue to keep his hand upon her.

Happy, happy Birthday, baby.


  1. Thank you mother. I love you with all my heart.


  2. Happy Birthday! and sweet 16 to your daughter. She's a beauty. I had the same feelings regarding my husband when I had my son. I used to sit up at night rocking that sweet little baby and cry tears of joy over how much my love grew for my husband. Having a baby was a real blessing to our marriage.

  3. What an incredibly sweet post! Your daughter is gorgeous just like her mother!!
    Hope she had a fabulous day!!!


  4. What a sweet picture and a pretty 16 year old. I hope that you had a wonderful party!

  5. i am tearing up reading this. what a beautiful post. god bless you both and happy birthday to your daughter. i'm gonna go hug mine now.

  6. Such a sweet post and such a beautiful daughter! I hope she had a great birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful dd! A beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes.


  8. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it. Happy belated 16th to your daughter!

  9. What a wonderful post to your child. Because you feel this way about your child is why this young lady is as she is. It is a tribute to you.

  10. Such a beautiful girl! She looks alot like her mommy. i wish I had another son around that age we would have to do what they did in the old days lol. Id have to speak for her early im sure they will be in line. God bless you as a mom.

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful post! And a beautiful daughter! I can't wait to see the lovely party pics!

  12. What a sweet picture for sweet 16!
    You are an incredible mom--it pours from you.
    Hope the party is all you hope for.


  13. Wow...a beautifully written post about your beautiful daughter. The way you wrote this is incredibly touching.

    Hugs to you both,


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