Friday, October 26, 2007

Dancing in the dark...

After DD danced with her Daddy at the exact time she was born....9:11 pm, she requested that the her Daddy and I take the floor together...then, of course, "they" made fun of us old folks, especially after both sets of grandparents and the other "old" couples joined us in a slow dance...


  1. Wasn't that one of the best moments??

    I remember being younger than P and being mortified at my parents for dancing!! Now it just makes me smile!

  2. That is just something Belle, you guys look wonderful out there. So romantic!! (From another "oldster")

    :) Jess

  3. Just now catching up on all the party pics! What fun!!! Everything looked amazing - I'm sure everyone had a total blast! You did a great job.


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