Friday, August 9, 2019

Fashion Friday - My favorite color!

Oops, I broke my streak last week!  It was an outfit repeat so I guess that happens.  This week to put an exclamation point on the end of the week I pulled out a simple dress in my favorite color that I just happen to have earrings from Pretty N Bliss in Florence, SC that coordinate perfectly!  I found this dress early in the summer at the Hair Shack and Clothing Boutique in Dillon, SC.  I love finding out of the way little boutiques with something that not everyone will have.  It was paired with my go-to nude pumps and  I also wore a ring passed down to me from my Mother for a splash of the ocean on my hand.   This is truly my favorite color.  I am drawn to it in my decor and my clothing and pretty much anything else.  I reminds me of the blue that can only be found in warm Caribbean waters...which my soul wouldn't mind seeing again soon.


  1. It's my daughter Annelise's favorite color, too!

  2. It is one of my favorite colors. And one of my sorority color.


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