Friday, August 16, 2019

Fashion Friday, because we all have days like this...

I always  want to be positive and find the best in situations and today was no exception...but there is quite a bit of transparency here too!  Although, life can look pretty in blog land there are those days when we all get to have a gown that buttons up the back  kind of day and today was mine!. I want to be clear that I am real and not everything is pretty.   See, every day I don't get all "fixed up" and sometimes life decides what you wear and whether (or NOT) it is flattering or in your color!
As you can see I "chose" a lovely loose, flowing, and airy (because there are literally no buttons in the back just a couple of ties) dress that worked for a hot August Friday.  It even came with a faux designer print! What designer?  Your guess is a good as mine; maybe Dr. Feel-Good's Designer Duds?  I complimented my ensemble with a personalized bracelet that was made just for me and "monogrammed, "of course!  But best of all was the lovely shoulder bag that I used to bring the whole outfit together.  It was personalized as well, and it really does finish the look off, doesn't it?  Oh, and if you are wondering... I think this Fashion Friday post is a testament to the versatility of a good, basic pair of platinum Jack Rogers as they go from beach to dinner and everywhere in between without missing a beat!

See, transparent, not so pretty but positive!


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